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hope sponsor

co-founder, manessa quigley

We started Chatbooks in 2014 as a small family affair. I didn’t have time to make scrapbooks–or even print photos!–of my seven kids. But I was reminded of how much children love photos of their everyday lives when a preschool teacher gave my youngest son an album of the year. Each night, when I went to tuck him in, he was looking at the photos. I didn’t have time for another project, but I did post photos on Instagram for my family and friends to see. Could I turn those into photo books—automatically? And that’s why my husband, Nate, and I started Chatbooks.

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why are we a part of this campaign?

Memories are made getting messy baking in the kitchen. They’re made in your backyard treehouse and on vacation at someone else’s house. From memories of birthday parties to bedtime stories, at Chatbooks, we think families should cherish every one. However, we recognize that due to illnesses, far too many families look back and remember these moments with heartache. No one’s memories of a loved one should be filled with the sadness that an illness like cancer brings. This is why all of us at Chatbooks are committed to working with Kneaders and Dr. Schiffman. We are dedicated to end childhood cancer so more family memories are filled with happiness and hope.