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with dr.


Dr. Schiffman, teen cancer survivor, and Pediatric Oncologist talks about the Kneaders fun approach to bringing HOPE to the fight against childhood cancer with Kneaders CEO, James Worthington in Colorado. NBC 9 Colorado and Company

CEO, Kneaders Bakery, and Cafe, James Worthington talks with ABC4 Utah about Bringing Hope to the Fight against Childhood Cancer One Bite at a Time. ABC4 Good Things Utah

Brooke Walker Talks with HOPE Spokesperson and Kneaders Family Member, Amy Peterson about their story of HOPE on KSL. (Clarification: Although it is mentioned that elephants are immune to cancer, they in fact, RARELY get cancer.) Scroll down to read more on their unique DNA. KSL5 Studio5

schiffman in the news

washington post

JULY 2018, A rarity of cancer in elephants may help explain cancer in humans

deseret news

AUGUST 2018, Dr. Schiffman Awarded $1M 2018 Hyundai Hope On Wheels Quantum Award for Elephant DNA Research To Continue in the Fight Against Childhood Cancer

16,000 children are diagnosed with cancer in the United States every year

Teen cancer survivor and campaign spokesperson, Heidi Day, shares her thoughts about HOPE on TV in Colorado.

how does hci bring hope to the fight on cancer?

Watch & learn about the unique patient care approach, groundbreaking research projects and amazing cancer treatment support found Huntsman Cancer Institute.

the p53 protein helps fight cancer

Watch Dr. Schiffman talk about the cancer fighting protein p53 and the innovative work he is doing in the fight against childhood cancer.

hci has treated patients from every continent in the world

(Except Antartica) Watch an in-depth tour of the world class facility created by the Jon M. and Karen family Huntsman & learn about the 170 research teams fighting cancer.

did you know...

Did you know that elephants have 40 cancer-fighting proteins in their DNA which means they rarely get cancer? Did you know that humans only have two cancer-fighting proteins in their DNA? Kneaders Bakery and Café is proud to be part of the pioneering research of Dr. Joshua Schiffman, world-renowned oncologist, hematologist, teen-cancer survivor, and respected cancer researcher at Huntsman Cancer Institute. His research on elephant DNA is inspiring cancer research innovations that may unlock the answers to new treatments, better outcomes, and ultimately ending cancer in children and adults. His research and that of his colleagues at HCI is bringing new hope to the fight against cancer for everyone.

founders story:
gary & colleen worthington

Learning that our grandson, Tanner, had been diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma in 2015 was heartbreaking. Where there use to be laughter, sports, and activities with friends, we watched Tanner’s typical teenage life turn into overnight chemotherapy sessions at the hospital, painful radiation treatments, and doctor appointments. Every day of Tanner’s life was spent trying to survive and every day we were faced with the real possibility that he might not win his fight. Although Tanner is now cancer-free, we will never forget the profound challenge of surviving an overwhelming and rare disease. No matter who you are, cancer is impacting a friend, family member, coworker, or someone in your community. We have been personally impacted by cancer within the Kneaders family and regardless of how the disease attacks, the struggle to fight and survive remains the same, which is why we are proud to support the monumental research of Dr. Schiffman.