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What is #KneadersForhope?

Hope is something we all need, especially children with cancer, so we invite you to join us in spreading hope and raise awareness of our annual HOPE campaign, #KneadersForHope. HOPE is a charity that helps fund research by Dr. Schiffman from the Huntsman Cancer Institute for childhood cancer. Over 43 children get diagnosed with cancer every day and elephant DNA may be the key to curing it. Since 2016, we have raised $490,300 for his research and this year we hope to raise an additional $135,000.

participate in #KneadersForhope

how to join

  1. All you need is a poster board, markers and camera (the one on your phone works great) 
  2. Write or illustrate on the poster board something that you hope for using the phrase “I Hope For ____” and post a photo or video 
  3. In the post description, include #KneadersForHope, #HopeFightsChildhoodCancer and a copy of these three steps