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#HopeFightsChildhoodCancer & #KneadersForHope

fight to end



Childhood cancer is one of the least researched cancers in the world. 43 kids get diagnosed with cancer every day; can you imagine a world where kids never have to get cancer again?

Join Kneaders in the fight to end childhood cancer by donating today. See below for 3 easy ways to donate.

3 Easy ways to donate

1. Paypal

Donate whatever you want, every penny counts. Click on the button below and input what you want to donate through Paypal

2. Buy a Cookie

Visit a store near you and pick-up an elephant cookie - 100% of proceeds go toward HOPE. Click on the button below and input your zip code to find a store near you

3. shop

Buy a cute plush elephant, tie, t’shirt, etc - proceeds go toward HOPE. Click on the button below to be directed to HOPE’s online retail store

What is the big deal

about elephants?

Lisa Abegglan, Instructor of Pediatrics and Schiffman Lab Cancer Researcher at Huntsman Cancer Institute talks about the science behind Kneaders' Hope Fights Childhood Cancer campaign only on Fox13 news.

See Kneaders CEO,  James Worthington and Teen Cancer Survivor, Heidi Day talk hope for an end to childhood cancer on ABC7 Denver, Colorado.

Dr. Schiffman, teen cancer survivor, and Pediatric Oncologist talks about the Kneaders fun approach to bringing HOPE to the fight against childhood cancer with Spokesperson, Amy Peterson on FOX13 - The Place

in memory: 


carolyn mosley

I had lymphoma when I was 18. Diagnosed one week before I planned...

la tisha wammack

My son Benjamin was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in April of 2016...

jen oyster mcGoff

Conner completed 3.5 years of chemo and remained cancer-free for 2.5 years...

marri sarmiento

I never thought Cancer would touch our family and yet August 2011, just a few months after...

shantel leigh

This is my 6 year old son, Treyton on March 4th 2017 I took him into the hospital for severe headache...

mary nay

My daughter Chloe was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma when she was 11 months old...

makayla evans

In 2013, at age 14, I was diagnosed with a rare form of GI cancer and had to have half my stomach...

cassi harrington palmer

Landon has been fighting cancer since he was about 5 years old...

jarem hallows

hope is GREATER THAN cancer because it contains a power...

ava lieber

If there is one thing I could tell the public about childhood cancer it is that cancer never "goes away" and these kids will never be completely healthy and normal...


This is one of my brothers, Aaron, and his wife, Annabeth, and their sweet baby girl, Abigail. She was diagnosed...

julie vario & tomar family

My grandson passed with cancer in 2015, he was 19...

Joshua Logan Bradshaw

He smiled through chemo and radiation, loved his doctors appointments...