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high fitness

hope ambassador

co-owner, emily nelson

My name is Emily Nelson and I am the co-owner and creator of HIGH Fitness LP, a group fitness class that was created just under three years ago and now has over 700 instructors teaching across the United States and Canada. We created HIGH Fitness after feeling like there was a niche missing in the fitness industry, we wanted a class that was as intense as it was FUN. We created an aerobic interval training class that combines cardio peaks and toning tracks set to music you know and love. People didn't know a workout could be so intense yet so fun. What we wanted to create beyond the workout was a community and a sense of belonging for people. HIGH Fitness is a class that is more about the internal benefits than the external. You won't see ab shot selfies from us, but what you will see is positive healthy people working to be the best versions of themselves. This is what we want to promote and be at the forefront as our brand awareness grows. Sure you get a great workout with HIGH fitness and your body will change but that is just a by product of the happy endorphins and internal benefits that take place from taking part in HIGH Fitness and working to become the best version of yourself.

why i am part of this campaign?

"One of the most unexpected benefits of creating HIGH Fitness is the way I have been able to give back to those in need. Over the past 3 years I have done over 35 fundraising classes directly related to cancer. From a class for a young mother fighting for her life, to a sweet 4 year old going through what no child should have to endure, to breast cancer events and more I have rallied my troops to come together and raise money for those in need. Being able to use my talents to help those in need has blessed my life so much and it tugs at my heart when I am unable to do a charity class for someone suffering. The effects of cancer are around us all and seeing close friends and family and fellow instructors fight these battles makes this project so near and dear to my heart. My husband lost his mother at a young age to cancer so we fight in her honor to find a cure."