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twenty something utah

hope ambassador

founders, jacqueline & alyssa

San Antonio’s leading entertainment and lifestyle blog, depicts the exploration of two twenty something year olds, Jacqueline and Alyssa, in San Antonio.  Having lived in San Antonio our entire lives, we’ve always stayed on the north side of town, unaware of the world around us. After casually discovering a couple of amazing brunch spots around San Antonio, we quickly realized that San Antonio is a plethora of gorgeous retail shops and amazing restaurants.


As one of the largest cities in the United States, we’re on a mission to discover all the hotspots for dining, retail and entertainment in San Antonio. We’re venturing away from our comfort zones and traveling to Central Downtown, Southtown, Pearl, Alamo Heights, the Quarry, the Rim, La Cantera, Stone Oak and everything in between.  Now that you know what we’re doing, this is who we are:


Jacqueline is a Texas Tech alumna. Her favorite things are photography, live music and tea. Alyssa enjoys coffee, as well as writing, Instagramin’, climbing mountains and playing with her gorgeous cats, Kidder and Kohina. She has a passion for social media and all it can create. Follow us @twentysomethingsa

why are we a part of this campaign?

“When Kneaders reached out to us to participate in their Hope Fights Childhood Campaign there was no hesitation - we were in. With cancer touching so many (too many) lives, we want to do anything we can to help spread knowledge on alternative ways to fight and beat cancer.”