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Phoenix bites

hope ambassador

founder, taryn Jeffries

We are an award-winning online publication and a comprehensive local dining guide providing food lovers of all degrees with the latest news on the culinary scene in Arizona. Featuring all things food-related, you’ll find anything from local restaurant news, reviews, menu specials, interviews with chefs, culinary event announcements, and everything in between. If you’re looking for the best Arizona restaurants, the hottest news along with fun features that will help you get to know our great Arizona chefs; we’ve got you covered! We want you to know all of the best Arizona restaurants and provide insight on all the places you just can’t miss.

Founded in August of 2010, PhoenixBites was created to build a community of food-lovers in our city, and to bring people together through our experiences. We want to be a part of your dining experience whether it be by inspiration through our own culinary journey or by sharing a glass of wine across a dinner table.

why we are a part of this campaign?

In my childhood I was raised by many women in my family. Three of those beautiful women were struck with breast cancer and lost their lives, despite their fight. These losses have left a huge void in my life and have shaped how I approach my life from day to day. Thankfully, our family has not seen any childhood cancers, last year I was doing research on upcoming events and came across a restaurant hosting a benefit for a 6 month old baby named Presley. She had been diagnosed with a massive cancerous brain tumor. My heart fell. With three boys of my own, I could not imagine the terror, stress and confusion that her parents were going through and I did everything that I could to help rally around this family that I have never met. Today, Presley is relatively healthy and frequent scans are coming back cancer free. I realize that not all families are as lucky as Presley’s and I want to do all I can to help other families have similar happy endings and one way I can do that is by partnering with Kneaders and their efforts in the advancement of cancer research.