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the mumsy blog

hope ambassador

founder, michelle petersen

Founded in 2013 by Michelle Petersen. The Mumsy blog is a motherhood lifestyle website that shares advice on raising kids, self-improvement, and how to love being a mom. Visit my website!

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Instagram: @themumsyblog

why i am part of this campaign?

"There have been many family members and close friends of mine who have been diagnosed with cancer.  Some tragically lost the fight while others triumphantly went into remission.    So this disease really hits close to home for me.   Fortunately, Kneaders is stepping up and doing what they can to help shed light on cancer and doing their part to help cure it.   And because I strongly believe that we live in a generation where mothers shouldn't have to grieve over the babies they have lost or who are suffering from this horrific disease, I am proudly teaming up with Kneaders to be apart of their amazing HOPE FIGHTS CHILDHOOD CANCER CAMPAIGN!"